The Day Before Trump (in Sendai, Japan) [a Bonus Episode]

[a Bonus Episode]


Aliens and Moonbeams is a podcast dedicated to sharing and documenting what it's like to be a foreigner in Japan, and other places too. This bonus episode The Day Before Trump (in Sendai Japan) was made in less than 24 hours to coincide with Inauguration Day.

Here is a note from the host:

January 21st, 2017

I'm an American living in Japan, and watching all of this happen from the outside looking is a strange experience that I feel is worth documenting.

The day before yesterday, I interviewed some of my Japanese and non Japanese coworkers about their experiences since November 8th, and their feelings about inauguration. My hope is that this episode sheds some light on our experiences over here, connects us to each other, and connects us to you. We might not be in the states right now, but we are with you. 

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Fueled by stubborn determination, and some yummy Japanese soda, I pulled an all nighter to make this podcast episode in time for Inauguration Day. Zero hours of sleep, and 23 hours of work that I'm proud of.  "Let's all cringe together."

Love from,


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photo by yukiko o.&nbsp;

photo by yukiko o. 

Fun fact: In Japan, the word "Trump" or トランプ (pronounced toranpu) refers to playing cards. Instead of saying "wanna play some cards?" you'd say, "wanna play some trump?"